4 tips for assembling the perfect travel outfit

Happy Spring babes!

I can’t believe that yesterday we finally rang in the new season – and believe me it was about time. I was starting to turn into a little ice cube here in Seattle! Spring is also the start of another new season for me– travel season. In the next few months I’ll be off to Las Vegas, Vancouver, San Diego, Munch, Paris, and Hawaii. I of course feel blessed to have all these opportunities, but am feeling not so excited about living out of a suitcase and calling the airport my home away from home.

Which is why, today on el blog, I’m talking travel attire. I’ll be sporting this trendy look for my flight to Vegas on Friday and thought that it would be the perfect time to discuss tips for putting together the perfect travel outfit.

1. Bring that blanket scarf

Okay so you caught me, my blanket scarf actually isn’t featured in this photo. (oops) It was hiding away in my bag as it was a warm day in Seattle. Airports and airplanes are weird when it comes to temperatures– it can be warm, it can be cold, and it can be everything in between. I always layer and bring a blanket scarf with me. It doubles as a pillow and blanket.

2. Dress for how you want to be treated


Here’s the truth – people treat you so much better when you look put together. I’ve traveled in an oversized sweatshirt and leggings before, as well as in a suit. You’ll be shocked at the difference. Added bonus: depending on when your flight lands, you might not even have to change out of your outfit! I fly into Las Vegas in the evening and will be going straight to a casual chic dinner with the girls. I’ll be sporting this look and swap out my Scentra slip ons for a pair of Gucci-style mules. (You can check out my other shoes in one of my past posts here). The embroidered sweatshirt is trendy but cozy.

3. Get comfortable


You might be thinking, “G, you literally just said to dress up to travel.” Yes, I did say that. But you also need to consider – how long is your flight? when do you arrive? what is your suitcase situation like? The slip ons I wearing I could walk miles in. The embroidered sweatshirt, while trendy is also extremely comfortable. Do yourself a favor, skip the uncomfortable heels! For a 3 hour flight, the ripped jeans work, but if I was flying a longer flight, I might change into leggings on the plane. (Tip: I always pack a pair of leggings in my carry on, just in case. They’ve saved me so many times when my jeans, etc get uncomfortable.

4. Think big for your bag

I have a designated travel purse that typically accompanies me on every trip. It ends up weighing more than my dog by the time I’m done packing it, but it has just enough room for my laptop, camera, makeup bag, and other necessities. (Tip: get something that you don’t mind throwing around– putting it on the security belt, on the floor, wherever..)



| Romwe Embroidered Sweatshirt c/o | Wear Me Pro Sunglasses c/o | Scentra slip-on shoes c/o | Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (similar) | Ralph Lauren bag (similar) |

Shopping notes: The sweatshirt was gifted by Romwe, but all thoughts are my own. I recommend sizing up in this item. I’m typically a Small and went with the Medium which fit perfectly. For a baggier look, I would even go to an L. The Wear Me Pro sunglasses, also mentioned in my last post are part of a seasonal subscription program where 3 pairs of sunglasses are sent to you at the beginning of each season for $29.99. 




  1. April 14, 2017 / 11:16 am

    This is the perfect travel outfit girl! I’ll be heading to LA at the end of this month so I appreciate the tips 🙂

    xo, emma

    • Giulia
      April 14, 2017 / 11:19 am

      Have so much fun in LA! Can’t wait to hear about your trip 🙂