Prints, Patterns & Fabrics: Oh My!

San Diego weather lately has been a metaphor for my life: all over the place. One day it’s sunny, another day it’s humid, and then when you finally settle into summer it gets gloomy and windy again. The past few days have revolved around Seattle prep: last minute shopping, last minute visits with friends, last minute everything!

My final day in San Diego was jam packed with coffee, lunch, shopping, and visiting all my favorite haunts.


Spotted: G having breakfast

It’s been a little gloomy lately (which I appreciated) because I was excited to test out some Seattle fashion by doing a mix of prints and fabrics. I loved this outfit because it was so versatile– making it appropriate for all day wear. There’s nothing worse than having to change four times in a day for four different occasions.


Last day with the bestie

While I would admit that this wasn’t the best outfit for trying on clothes, I did feel comfortable!




For the look I stayed in a darker color scheme with navy, gray, and black. I chose the flannel to add some pop to a pretty monotone outfit. I got the motorcycle jacket a while ago, and have always struggled to figure out what exactly I could match it with. I finally realized that you can pair it with basically anything and it would match!

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